What is aromatic Branding?


What is a Signature Scent

What if... as you flew on your favourite private jet, strolled through your favourite exclusive hotel, sailed the Mediterranean on your private yacht hire of were simply welcomed into your new home your senses are alerted to a subtle yet rich aroma evoking feeling of luxury and opulence. 

As you settle in you feel your body relax and face start to smile, not consciously and yet it happens. Why, the aroma being inhaled is reaching the limbic system of your brain. The part of your brain where memories are linked to your sense of smell. 

You time machine forward to today and you probably felt your face start to smile too. How does that happen, aromas are emotive just like music is. They have the ability to take us back to a time and place, anchoring a memory. 

This is your clients experience. Opulence is not just visual. Their memories of your setting are locking in viscerally for forever.


The same way that the aroma of that hotel is anchored for you and evokes memories and emotions is the same way we build an anchor for your customer to your brand. Imagine you give customers a sensory experience and lock it into a sensory memory. The end result is that you increase the longevity of your brand. 

The perfect flow on is to gift or sell your exclusive signature scent to the client enabling them to take it home and diffuse. Every time they then diffuse your aroma they are instantly brought back to your company experience. Making them long to return to your brand again and again and again.